Trudy's Homemade Dog Food
The Complete Formulas Everything you need to know to put your dog on the path to a long and healthy life is in this E-book!

Illustrated Step by Step Instructions

Discover how to make homemade dog food nutritionally complete and balanced.
For All Life Stages!

"Good nutrition as exemplified by Trudy's Homemade Dog Food is the foundation of good health."
- Dr. Phillip Ratclyn DVM, CVA, NYC

"The Trudy's Homemade diet is ideal. The diet is nutritionally balanced, grain free and dogs love eating it. I personally feed this diet to my dog and recommend Trudy's Homemade to all my clients."
- Dr. Steven Chiros DVM, CVA, NYC

With Trudy’s Homemade Complete Formulas E-book you get...

The complete Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food formulas.
Step by step illustrated instructions
Totally Grain Free Recipes
Make your own bulk vitamin supplement
Complete nutritional information
What commercial dog food companies don't want you to know
How much homemade food to feed your dog
Calorie content
Look Inside
Transitioning guide

Eduardo Mari, founder of Trudy’s Homemade Inc., was inspired by Trudy, a rescued, shelter dog, to develop the formulas that raised her to optimal condition.

Eduardo shares his experience of making thousands of pounds of fresh cooked dog food for clients, with you!

Now you and your dog can experience the same amazing results!

My household is comprised of three Chihuahua ”something-or-others”of mixed blood, all from less than ideal circumstances (rescues)I have tried many, many things over the years to try and please all of them, while keeping them healthy, and Trudy�s is the first miracle diet I have found. Truly. There really is no going back once you have tried it for at least a week or so. We Love You!!!! Truly Trudy’s

We absolutely love Trudy’s Homemade. Daphne, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been eating Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food for the past month, and she loves it so much that she literally licks the bowl. It has also improved her energy and stamina. I’ve noticed that she now always plays with her toys after eating-- this is a sign that she is happy. I can't thank you enough! Your food has improved the life of our dog and has given us peace of mind.

I've been feeding my nine year old Rat Terrier mix, Frankie,Trudy’s Homemade for over a year. I’m so happy to be feeding my dog unprocessed food. I wouldn’t want to eat food out of a can every single why should my dog? Frankie has had seizures since she was a puppy, and they were getting progressively worse the older she gets. She was having 3-4 seizures a month right before I switched her food, and since she’s been eating Trudy’s she now has only about one seizure every 2-3 months. That’s quite an improvement!!

Morgana is doing great on the food, and the entire family has noticed! She has renewed energy and alertness, and she is enthusiastic about eating again! She hasn't been able or interested in running around, and in only a week she is loving her weekends in the country and running around the yard. She is 13 years old, and we spent the first few months of the year going to multiple specialists until she was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus due to a non-cancerous tumor on her pituitary gland. She had radiation therapy and was just starting to recover this summer, when she had a case of bloat and had emergency surgery. Since then she’s had lots of issues with her digestive tract, and nothing would set her stomach right. In 2 days on Trudy’s Homemade Dog food, she showed immediate improvement in eating, holding down food, and having normal bowel movements (yucky but true, it was terrible til she got on your food!). Now after 2 weeks we see a bit of the young girl she used to be reemerging Thank you! Hope you don't mind all the info, but I wanted you to know how great the food and the information I got from you has been in her recovery.

Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food has been the best discovery we made in a long time. My dogs are now happy and healthy thanks to this amazing food. They have so much energy and their coats are always soft and shiny. I now have piece of mind that I am feeding my dogs a healthy, nutritious, fresh, delicious and SAFE meal every day. They really love the food and look forward to their food every meal time. I can honestly say they have never left a single crumb in their bowl!!! I would recommend Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food to every single dog owner. Thanks for everything!!!

Here's the bottom line on this incredible resource...

Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food, The Complete Formulas E-book can

Does your dog suffer from any of these conditions?


Chronic Vomiting


Excess Slobber




Ear Mites

Organ Failure

Tooth Decay



Poor Appetite

Excess Mucous


Dull Coat

Tear Stains

Finicky Eater


Kidney Stones
Weight Problems

Low Energy




Hot Spots


Fleas and Ticks

Nail Discoloration

Urinary Infections

All caused or exacerbated by
commercial dog food.

Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food, The Complete Formulas E-book is like no other
dog food cookbook!

Precise information
Not another novelty recipe book
Totally Grain Free Recipes
Scientifically tested
Formulas surpassing AAFCO nutritional profile
Thousands of pounds fed to all types of dogs
Complete and Balance for all life stages
Calorie content per pound
Step by step cooking instructions
Customizable for special needs

Don’t let another day on commercial dog food shorten the time you have with your best friend.

Why would you? Everything you need to know about making the ultimate, home cooked, grain free, nutritionally complete and balanced, laboratory tested, veterinarian recommended dog food is right here!

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Trudy’s Homemade Dog Food
The Complete Formulas

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